An Updated Will

Many people do not have a will. Governments have rules they follow if there is no will and this may not be your desire.  Seniors often have outdated wills.

Executors may have been designated years before and now are dead or do not have the physical or mental health to be an executor. Do you need to change your executor? You won’t believe this but we have worked with executors who had no idea they were executors until the will was read.

Beneficiaries may have also changed. We have worked with several seniors lately that have NO surviving children. The question is, “Who do they now want their estate to go to?” It could be a spouse of a child, grandchildren, a trust. Talk with your lawyer and  address this if needed.

Also make sure an updated list of the names of the beneficiaries, with their current addresses, phone numbers and emails  is available to make life easier for your executor.


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