An Executor’s Job is not Easy

For centuries most people were born, lived and died in the same region. Parents, children, grandparents, and even cousins often lived very close to each other and were a support when needed.
Now families are spread around the globe. Parents retire and move to a warmer climate. Children get an excellent job thousands of miles away and grandchildren head off to school, work or on an adventure.
When a death in a family occurs extended support is seldom there. The family member, chosen as executor, often lives far away which makes their job more difficult.  Being emotionally drained from the funeral and also dealing with the pressure of family dynamics adds to their burden.
Feeling overwhelmed executors often use the professional help of lawyers and  financial advisers to help honor the deceased’s wishes.
Since 1996 Executor Assists has provided the needed assistance to carry out the time-consuming work of: searching for important documents; doing an inventory or appraisal;  shipping items to beneficiaries; delivering items to suitable charities; taking a load to landfill; or preparing a residence for sale. We are “The Helping Hands Working with You” to make your tasks more manageable.

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