What’s it worth?

Often people contact Executor Assists because they have a house full of “stuff”, want little of it but don’t want to trash anything of value.
Furniture prices are very low right now. Excellent Danish teak is still bringing a fair dollar but large dining room sets and bedroom sets are difficult to sell and sometimes even difficult to donate to charities.
Numbered prints could have cost hundreds of dollars and may bring $50 to $100 now. China, crystal, silver plate, figurines have seen their prices fall drastically.
Gold, silver, some medals, some desirable toys, some excellent jewelry are selling if you can reach the right buyer.
If someone really wants something and is willing to pay for it you do have a buyer. It’s to find that person.

If there is original art in the estate make sure you know what it is worth. You can hire a local art appraiser or you can take photographs of the art then record the size of the piece, the medium the artist used, the condition of the work ( Is there any sun or water damage?), and whether the work is signed and dated. You can then email it to an appraiser or do your research on-line. A while ago we had a large Eskimo carving to be shipped to a family member  and we insisted on having it appraised. It was a famous artist and the value was $25.000. Another was a very small acrylic painting that was worth $5000.

Remember EXECUTORS you are financially responsible if you sell something under the market value.

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