Many seniors use computers to pay bills and do their banking. If you know you will be their executor, ask them where they list the passwords they use. When someone has the necessary passwords it is easier to attend to the accounts.

Often when working with clients we are given older computers to dispose of. We always make sure the data is removed or destroyed before the computer is given away or it goes to e-cycle.

 Social Media considerations when someone dies.

Note:  With the growth of social media this information could be constantly changing.

Facebook will allow the removal of a site when someone passes.

Facebook also allows you to name a digital heir for your account. You choose a legacy contact . (Go to settings, choose security then legacy contact.)

Twitter will remove the account once a death certificate and link to an obituary is sent to them along with a request to discontinue the account.

Linkedin will request a form be completed and then they will get in touch with the submitter to remove the account.

Google allows the user to decide the control of data after death. You can choose to delete some or all data after 3,6,9, or 12 months of inactivity. You can also pass the data from the various accounts to one or more people. Check out “Google heirs”  and Inactive Account Manager

Don’t forget there are many Google accounts and personal photos could be stored there.

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