About Executor Assists

In 1996 a realtor asked Doug and Judy to help with an estate by preparing a home for sale. A widower had lived in the house for 30 years and had saved every piece of tinfoil, string, empty egg cartons, broken lamps and broom handles….

As Doug and Judy threw the unwanted items over the wall at landfill, Doug said, “There is such a need to help seniors.” Soon they registered a business called DISCRETELY AT YOUR SERVICE. The name was chosen because you really can’t talk about what you see or hear in these situations. WELL, they got calls at 2 AM for “girls!” Also, people could not access the web site at work  because the word DISCRETE is a restricted word.

Then they registered SENIOR MOVES because 80% of their business came from moving seniors. For 20 years they have been helping with estates yet many people saw them only as Senior Move Managers so in 2013 EXECUTOR ASSISTS was registered.


Limited time?

Difficult family dynamics?

EXECUTOR ASSISTS can help you accomplish what needs to be done in an efficient sensitive manner.

What People Say About EXECUTOR ASSISTS

About Doug and Judy Robinson

Doug and Judy have always been teachers who get great enjoyment from helping people. Since 1996 they have assisted thousands of seniors, their families, lawyers, trust officers, realtors, social workers and their clients with moves and estates.

Since 1996 their knowledge and experience have helped thousands of overwhelmed people with their major concern, “What do I do with all the STUFF?”

Judy and Doug have given over 60 presentations on various topics. “Preparing for Your Executor” is a very popular one. They have been in newspapers, magazines, on the radio and on television many times.

They have authored one book and eight e-books with information to help their clients. They are thrilled their book “The Best of the Rest – Downsizing for Boomers and Seniors” has been chosen as the text book for a course being offered in British Columbia.

In relationships there can be  misunderstandings, poor communications and wrong perceptions. Money and “things” can bring out the worst or the best in people.

Their desire is to provide you with the physical services, emotional support and the needed documentation for your records to reduce stress and family conflicts.

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