A Check List Of Documents An Executor Needs Access To

It's great that you have all of your documents stored, but does your executor or a family member know where they are? As an executor or a senior, you should have these documents in one place should either of you need them.  Our handy, quick  Checklist has helpful advice  on some of the paper work that should … Continue reading A Check List Of Documents An Executor Needs Access To

What’s Grandpa’s Car Worth?

Over the years Doug and I have gained much experience buying older vehicles. Doug looked at the mechanical things and I looked at the body, glass, upholstery and carpets. We could tell if a vehicle had been repainted and the wear on the windshield, carpet or upholstery could tell us that the mileage was higher … Continue reading What’s Grandpa’s Car Worth?

As Executor Where Do I Start?

In our business, Executor Assists, we have discovered several things. Many people have never made a will, or have not updated their wills and sometimes the chosen executor has died. Often people HAD NO IDEA  that they were chosen to be an Executor for a friend. If you discover that you are an Executor the … Continue reading As Executor Where Do I Start?

An Executor’s Job is not Easy

For centuries most people were born, lived and died in the same region. Parents, children, grandparents, and even cousins often lived very close to each other and were a support when needed. Now families are spread around the globe. Parents retire and move to a warmer climate. Children get an excellent job thousands of miles … Continue reading An Executor’s Job is not Easy