Join Us For A Seminar

We are super excited to be presenting two seminars on downsizing. If you or a family member are thinking about downsizing then these are a must attend. We have two dates and locations available. Please click this link for more information and how to add your name to attend. Plus, there are more fabulous seminars available that … Continue reading Join Us For A Seminar

What You May Want To Leave In A Home For Sale?

** If you don’t want  items to be included in the sale make sure your realtor includes your instructions in the agreement. When you are selling a home it is handy to have a list of items that are to remain in the home so that no mistakes are made. A lady we worked with … Continue reading What You May Want To Leave In A Home For Sale?

Should I Move Near My Family?

Each year, for fifteen years, we  hardly  moved even  one senior (or senior couple) to be near their family . Recently, we've helped  three couples relocate in just one month so they could be near relatives. Some want to watch their grandchildren grow up, while others  want to be a support to an adult child … Continue reading Should I Move Near My Family?