When a person is named Executor of an Estate, they feel a sense of pride that a loved one has entrusted them with carrying out their last wishes in a caring and efficient manner. When the time comes, however, reality can set in! The task ahead can be enormous and extremely time consuming. It can feel overwhelming.

Executor Assists provides Executors and beneficiaries of estates with the information, support and assistance – both physical and emotional – they need to uphold their loved one’s final wishes. We ensure that things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, to help minimize family stress and potential conflicts at a difficult time.

 Executor Assists can help you by:

  • Working with the Executor and a network of professional associates, as needed, such as lawyers, realtors, cleaners,  movers, etc.
  • Ensuring the deceased’s property is safe and secure.
  • Having an appraisal or inventory of personal property done.
  • Searching for important documents or specific items.
  • Coordinating the distribution of bequests to family and friends.
  • Moving items to a secure storage facility, if needed.
  • Selling individual items, or arranging an estate sale or an on-line auction.
  • Having designated papers shredded as instructed.
  • Making all the necessary arrangements to prepare a house for sale.
  • Emptying the house, condo, apartment or retirement residence of its contents.
  • And more…

Since 1996, Executor Assists has worked with hundreds of Executors, lawyers, trust officers and family members tasked with the responsibility of caring for a loved one’s estate. And although we primarily provide service in the greater Ottawa and surrounding area, many calls and emails asking for help  come from across Canada, the USA and many other countries in the world.

It is difficult to be an Executor of an estate in Ottawa and live hours away.

Executor Assists has a TEAM with the experience, knowledge, contacts and skilled resources to help make your job of Executor easier as you settle the estate.

Call (613) 832-0053 or email executorassists@gmail.com

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