How Executor Assists Can Help

Whether you are  grieving the death of a loved one, dealing with uncomfortable life changes no one really wants to face, or trying to make difficult decisions that affect you and others, there are many ways Executor  Assists can advise and assist you at this emotional, stressful time.

Although  we do not give specific financial, legal or real estate advice we can give you a referral to professionals that can help you.

Executor Assists can safeguard a  property by changing the locks, scheduling house checkers, and arranging for lawn services, etc. Usually many people have keys to a residence. Remember that as the executor of an estate YOU are financially responsible if anything goes missing.

Executor Assists can search for important documents and valuables. Often, a primary requirement in settling an estate is to locate pertinent certificates, legal and financial documents. It is also wise to have folders for the residence, insurance policies, vehicle ownerships, credit cards….

Executor Assists can help you get the maximum value from the estate by co-ordinating a full range of experienced service providers.

Executor Assists can do an inventory of items as instructed.

The Executor Assists team has  accredited appraisers.

Executor Assists can remove and distribute items from the home.  We will pack, store, move and ship items worldwide according to your instructions.

Executor Assists can arrange for an estate sale, an on-line auction or the sale of specific items. The donation of useable items to charities or the disposal of garbage can also be co-ordinated in a timely fashion.

Executor Assists prepares homes for sale.  Since 1996 we have worked with over 140 realtors in the Ottawa area. These professionals know that carefully presenting a home for sale can both increase the value of the property and help it sell more quickly.

Executor Assists offers practical, efficient and caring support for families during stressful times.

Each situation is  unique.

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