What’s Grandpa’s Car Worth?

Over the years Doug and I have gained much experience buying older vehicles. Doug looked at the mechanical things and I looked at the body, glass, upholstery and carpets. We could tell if a vehicle had been repainted and the wear on the windshield, carpet or upholstery could tell us that the mileage was higher … Continue reading What’s Grandpa’s Car Worth?

Relocation Stress Syndrome

Symptoms of Relocation Stress Syndrome are: exhaustion, sleep disturbance, anxiety, grief, depression, and disorientation. These can be exacerbated by the death of a loved one, dementia, poor physical health, frailty, no support system, sensory impairment and simply not knowing what lies ahead! I often tell seniors that even IF THEY DO NOTHING they may feel … Continue reading Relocation Stress Syndrome