“ Executor Assists helped us out in a difficult time when a parent passed away.  Judy and her team clearly have the experience and energy to get things done quickly, but also in a caring way, with consideration and respect for us as well as the deceased’s wishes and personal property.  We are from out-of –town, so the help, and the trust we could place in Executor Assists was invaluable to dealing with state matters, both big and small. Thank you.”

“Thank you for the friendly support and advice you gave at a stressful and confusing time.” –  Donna, Ottawa ON

“This could not have been done without your expertise. It was a difficult time for us all and time was short, but your support was invaluable.”  – S.P,   Bermuda

“Thank-you for a job well done.”  –  Scotia Bank

“Your guidance and advice made the job easier. You provide a very necessary service in an area that is fraught with emotions… Your understanding and compassionate approach was appreciated.”  – Ian

“Acting with efficiency and determination you assessed the situation and reacted quickly. From the estate sale to the removal of the remaining content, we were amazed at the speed with which it was all completed. Within the span of two weeks, the house went from “45 years of stuff” to empty and ready for sale. The dedication and professionalism of your team is not only a true asset to yourself, but as well to the clients you serve.” – Rob, Ottawa ON

“We appreciate your efficiency and effort in settling this matter.” –  David  (Lawyer)

“Thank-you for your help on short notice. It is appreciated.” –  Paul  (Lawyer)

“You cleaned out the house and kept anxiety to a minimum.” – Marolyn

“Many, many, many thanks for acting so quickly and efficiently. You came through when I needed you.” –  Heather

“It was reassuring to have met you and felt confident that you were experienced, caring and dedicated to high standards of work. Thanks for a job well done!”  – Evelyn, Calgary

“Thank-you for arranging to sell Aunt Sue’s belongings. You made what seemed like an impossible job possible for what we are very grateful.” –  Art