People treasure different things

As a teacher I had many refuges in my class and they had arrived with very little to a new land with a new language and new customs. The school assignment was do do a display on “TREASURES.” I gave it some thought and decided to bring my jewelry box to class. I then proceeded to ask the students what they thought I  had in this special box? Replies were gold, silver, diamonds….Well I had a tiny tooth and a blond curl of hair. Next I said, “If you came out of your country with a  picture of a grandparent – that is your treasure. It is something no amount of money can replace.” The students grabbed hold of the concept and soon we had a fabulous display. In fact it was so good the television station came to the school and did an extensive program on their work.

All this is to say: When you are dealing with an estate people often want a “MEMORY.” It could be a campfire toaster that is somewhat rusted yet holds memories of special times. I asked a friend what she kept from her mother’s estate and she said a small pair of scissors. It turns out her mom liked to sip tea and she sipped it through a sugar cube which she always cut in half with :the scissors.”

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